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Last Night Campfire Reading by Hannah C.

Hi, I’m Hannah and this is my last summer as a camper. Seven summers ago, I came to camp for the first time, terrified. I was in Grand Tour with four of my friends and I had an amazing week.

Last Night Campfire Reading by Lauren M

Every year before I go away to camp, my friends from home ask me why I would do this to myself. Why would I travel into the middle of nowhere, stay there for a month without tech or access to the outside world?

Last Night Campfire Reading by Candice M

Hi, my name is Candice, and I have been here for only 3 weeks this year, and all of the summers have been out of this world.

Sawyer’s Lengthy SGA Canoe Story

Sawyer (Staff), Cedar Ridge, Session Five The first day started with frantic sucking and beefing in the Cedar Ridge program shelter and on our way to the commons to start our trip day with cereal and bagels once we had our breakfast we loaded up the truck and we were on our way.

Adventurer Week: Campers Memories

Read as Hoover campers tell you the tales of their Adventurer Week and what they have learned at camp.

The Hoover Doors

By Rachel Hou, Heronwood, Session Two “Wake up girls! Time to wake up!” I yawn and sit up slowly. I should by excited; it’s my first day of Girl Scout camp.

Interview With Peach

By Grace D., Heronwood, Session One Q: What is your favorite dish Coach makes?