Gold Award Girl Scout: Allie Z.

azOpen to girls in high school only, the Girl Scout Gold Award is the most prestigious award in the world for girls (and the most difficult to earn), and it’s available exclusively to Girl Scouts.

When you earn the Gold Award, you can tackle the issues most important to you. Gold Award Girl Scouts are inspiring leaders who are working on a broad range of the most challenging problems facing our world today—from human trafficking to ocean pollution to education access to expanded STEM training for girls in underserved communities.

Learn more about GSHNJ Gold Award Girl Scout Allie, how she tackled her Gold Award project, and what advice she has for girls looking to earn their Gold Award.

How did your project make the world a better place?

I brought together musicians of different ages by providing a fun environment where they could play. The middle schoolers learned skills and practiced over the summer so they were better prepared and more confident for fall band season. The high schoolers practiced and were proud of the music knowledge they shared with the middle schoolers. At the end of the summer the students from both groups provided a free concert for senior citizens.

What did you learn about yourself by working on this project?

I learned that I like working with children and teaching music. I found I was able or direct my peers, and older high school students, when it came to their interaction with the middle schoolers.

What advice would you give to other Girl Scouts thinking about going for the Gold?

You should start early and be sure to have a back up plan in case your original plan fails. Be sure to chose a project you are passionate about so you will enjoy it and stay committed because the project is a o of work and takes a long time. Don’t give up when your get overwhelmed. Ask for help. Completing your Gold Award is very rewarding and something you can be proud of for life.

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To learn more about the Girl Scout Gold Award, please visit our website.

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