GSHNJ Girl Scouts Earn Silver Award

mika megan silver award (1)

Mika S. started as a Girl Scout Daisy in 2010, and sister Girl Scout Megan F. began her Girl Scout story as a Brownie in 2011.

They earned their Bronze Award in 2015 and most recently earned their Silver Award in 2018.

The girls led a community project in association with Friends of Clark’s Pond and Third River where they established a sanctuary for endangered bats at Clark’s Pond in Bloomfield.

As part of the #SAVETHEBATS effort, they developed a poster and pamphlets to educate the community at the Harvest Fest in October 2017. They researched the bat epidemic, learning what these little brown bats needed to survive in our area. Friends of Clark’s Pond and Third River assisted with the cost of a bat house for 300 bats, which was erected at Clark’s Pond along the south bank. The girls applied for and received approval as a bat sanctuary by the National Wildlife Federation.

By helping the bat population thrive in our community, the girls have provided a natural resource for controlling the mosquito population. Since mosquitoes carry a variety of debilitating diseases, this seems like a win-win for the area.

Want to get involved? You can help by placing a bat house in your yard!

To learn more about Girl Scouts highest awards, please visit

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