Girl Scout Silver Award: Ashley’s Musical Therapy Cart

A Breien Silver Award.jpg

Ashley, a Girl Scout Senior from Troop 40537, presented her Musical Therapy Cart to the Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside in September 2018. The project earned Ashley the Girl Scout Silver Award, which is the second highest award recognition that can be acquired by a Girl Scout. 

Ashley is in her tenth year of Girl Scouts, and is an aspiring singer/songwriter attending the Academy for Performing Arts in Scotch Plains. Ashley wanted to share her musical talents and show how music has benefited her during her life. For the past year, while fundraising for the project, she spent many hours educating the public on the benefits of musical therapy.  During that time, she also researched which instruments and rolling cart would suit the children at the hospital best. With the help of the staff at Sam Ash Music in Plainfield, and her middle-school music teacher, Flora Pollack, she selected 37 instruments to initially include in the cart.

The musical cart will service the hospital’s Community Outreach Program as well as the children in the Long-Term Care Unit. After her presentation in September, Ashley was able to meet some of the long-term care kids, show them what instruments are featured on the cart, and she was even able to sing a few songs and play the Ukulele for them.

Ashley plans to continue to work with the staff at the hospital to keep updating the cart as well as return to the hospital and work with the children as a volunteer teaching them music.

Interested in more information on Girl Scouts Highest Awards? Follow this link.

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