SAY CHEESE! GSUSA photoshoot seeking volunteers!

Girl Scouts is embarking on a new membership recruitment campaign, and we want to feature real Girl Scout members! 

We are looking for girls and volunteers to participate in an upcoming photo shoot. Our objective is to capture dynamic images of Girl Scout members doing fun and exciting activities, outdoors and indoors.

Who is invited to participate?
We need at least 75 7- to 11-year-old girls and 75 male and female volunteers (moms, dads, aunts, grandpas, etc.) who are comfortable having their picture taken.

How will we use these pictures?
They will become part of the Girl Scout global library and will primarily be used for our new membership recruitment campaign, which might feature advertisements, flyers, videos, and social media postings, among other things. We might also use them in Girl Scout literature, signage, products, online and offline promotional materials, and possibly even cookie boxes! You may become famous in the world of Girls Scouts! And we will do our best to make the shoot fun.

So when and where does this shoot take place?
We are planning the shoot for the weekend of Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30. We will need about two to three hours of your time on location with the photographer and will schedule the shooting sessions in shifts in order to accommodate everyone’s schedules. We are still in the process of securing the shoot locations.

What is the dress code?
No specific dress code! All we need is to have girls and volunteers bring four different outfits with no visible brands. Fun colors are encouraged—please avoid all-black or all-white clothing items, as these are not as camera-friendly. No bright patterns, please.

How time sensitive is it for my girls to confirm?
Super time sensitive! We need to work through the logistics and schedule, and these depend on the number of girls and volunteers we secure.

Which councils are being invited to participate?
Since the photo shoot will take place in the NYC Tri State area, we are inviting nearby councils that might be willing and excited to make the trip to the different locations. The following councils are invited to participate:

  • Girl Scouts of Connecticut
  • Girl Scouts of Greater NY
  • Girl Scouts of Heart of the Hudson
  • Girl Scouts of Heart of NJ
  • Girl Scouts of Jersey Shore
  • Girl Scouts of Nassau County
  • Girl Scouts of Northern NJ
  • Girl Scouts of Suffolk

What is required to participate?
All participants must:

  • be willing to sign the release form enclosed and submit it with their response
  • be willing to be available for a three-hour slot on either Saturday, June 29 or Sunday, June 30
  • commit to adhering to the guidelines on wardrobe noted above
  • be a current Girl Scout

Will there be any compensation?
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any compensation or commuting reimbursement. Snacks and a fun token for participating in the shoot will be provided to all girls and volunteers.

How will you choose who participates?
GSUSA is seeking a diverse group that includes an array of  ages and personalities in order to get a rich set of photos. GSUSA will be selecting from the submissions as needed to be able to assemble the best group. If girls are traveling together and can only participate as a group, please submit their information together.

To apply:

  1. complete a photo release form for all participants
    girl release form
    adult release form
  2. submit a photo (for everyone who would be participating. Both Girl Scout and Parent/Volunteer)
  3. complete the questions below:

Girl Scout

Name :
Availability (Saturday, Sunday?):
Clothing Size:

Are you participating in photo shoot?:

Please submit  to at your earliest convenience for prompt consideration. Upon selection, we will get back to you ASAP with further details.


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