This summer, eighteen girls and 11 adults from GSHNJ Troop #66339 traveled to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. The trip was the culmination of 12 years of service, sisterhood and growth for the girls and their families.


Do you ever wonder how camp staff gets ready for the summer camp season? Hoover camper-turned-counselor, Tori Barnaskas, shares her pre-camp experience and everything that the camp counselors do to prepare for a summer full of excited (and nervous!) campers. During pre-camp, counselors participate in a Scout’s Own. If you don’t know what that is, […]

We had our first day at The OVAL last week and our first day at Camp Lou Henry Hoover starts next week, officially ringing in summer camp season! Still unsure about what camp is all about? Keep reading for 10 reasons why summer camp is the absolute best! 1. You make forever friends who you […]

Happy Social Media Day! Yes, there is such a thing. In the last five years, social media has really molded and helped shape the way we all interact with each other and has changed the way we share stories, ideas, and concepts. Though social media seems like it’s been around for a long time, it […]

Photo: Karen Briegs & Tara O’Brien Even though Flag Day isn’t a federal holiday, it is celebrated by many different people in a variety of ways. For Girl Scout troops in Hillsborough, it meant that they were able to give back to their community in a special way—by donating a brand new flag to Hillsborough schools.“These […]

It’s officially summer! School’s out, the sun is shining bright, and now is the perfect time to plan summer fun with your sister Girl Scouts! Keep reading for ten fun ideas on how to make this summer the best one yet.1. Join us for our second annual Family Fun Run Obstacle Course! Run, stroll, crawl, prance, […] Every year on June 14th, we celebrate Flag Day! But this year is a little more special. Today marks the 100th year that President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that officially established June 14th as Flag Day. Think you know all there is to know about the holiday? We gathered some fun facts about Flag […]


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